Crossfit Open is right around the corner!!

Come be a part of the worlds largest Crossfit event!  Whether your new to Crossfit or a seasoned athlete this event is for you. The open is more than qualifying for the Crossfit Games. Why do I sign up each year?  To me the open is for me to compete with myself and push myself beyond what I think I can do.  The open goes way beyond myself though.  There is something about the bond being created when crossfit whidbey islands community is cheering on your fellow crossfitter knowing they could be beat someone else's time in a different region, gym, or country.    Each year we can't wait to live these moments over again.  Sign up today and be part of this amazing community.
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Get the results you want when you combine AdvoCare with Crossfit.  Right now jump start your weight loss buy purchasing an Advocare 24 Day Challenge from Crossfit Whidbey Island and receive one month of Crossfit for FREE!!!  To look and feel good you need a well balanced diet and regular exercise program. AdvoCare products, the most advanced nutritional supplements available, can help deliver the nutrients frequently missing from the diet, and along with a healthy lifestyle, can support a lifetime of optimal wellness. 
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Attention Moms!!!

Kids are back in school, time to start thinking about you Mom!! Two moms are better than one!! One mom purchases a 1 month membership and the other mom trains for FREE!! >> Icons >> Buddies >> friends dont let friends act c...

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Warning Crossfit really works!!!!

I have been doing crossfit off and on for about 3 years. I gained 70 lbs when I was prego with my son. It wasn't until the month that he turned 1 that I knew I was done, and ready to get to my goal! Well I went to the gym at least 4 days a week while eating zone. I have lost 19 inches and dropped 5 pant sizes in less than a year! I swear by crossfit!  Crossfit Whidbey Island is my happy place!
Amanda is an amazing athlete!!  She has come so far and we couldn't be any happier watching her grow.  She has an open mind which is allowing her growth.  Recently Amanda participated in the worldwide crossfit open an achievement she thought was unreachable but made it look easy!! Keep up the great work Amanda!!!!!!
                      Its not too late for you to start changing your life today!!

Rich Law has only been a member since the end of November 2012.  Rich is an avid mountain bike rider and rides at least 3-5 times a week.  Since he has been coming to Crossfit Whidbey Island he has lost over 20 pounds and increased his endurance, strength, and mental health.  There is a race Rich rides in every year and usually walks his bike up the hill.  This year, Rich rode to the top!!!!  Take advantage of our special offer through the end of March purchase a 24 day challenge and receive 24 days of crossfit FREE!!! (6x per week for 4 weeks) 


                              At the age of 54 and no sign of slowing down!!!
Kathy has been a member here at Crossfit Whidbey Island for three years.  One of her goals has been to do kipping pull ups without the assistance of a band.  Today that goal came alive!!! But she didn't do just 1 she did 10!!!!!! Kathy is on day 10 of her AdvoCare 24 day challenge.  Instantly within the first few days she had more energy, better rest, and was  mentally focused.  I am excited to see how far Kathy can take her results, she plans  to continue taking AdvoCare products after her challenge is over.  In her own words "Thank you AdvoCare"!